Wayne James’ Seasonings for Men–Now Here!!!

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Fashion designer, former senator, men’s lifestyle influencer, and Manly Manners author Wayne James  has unveil his new line of herb-and-spice blends and dry-rubs specifically formulated for the 21st-century man.  Called Wayne James’ Seasonings for Men, the line features five all-natural, no-preservatives, kosher-certified blends:  all-purpose, salt-free, seafood, vegetarian, and game/holiday.

“My aim was to introduce a line of ‘quick-fix’ seasoning-blends that enables the novice as well as the expert to prepare gourmet-flavored meals in a matter of minutes,” James said.  “The modern man is flavor-conscious, but he is also very busy. He therefore needs a product that gives him quick, easy, but excellent results. Today’s man wants a seasoning that allows him to effortlessly expand beyond the backyard grill. And if adding some sex appeal to each meal is part of the deal, then so much the better.”

Blended and bottled in Maryland, spice capital of the United States, James’ packaging is decidedly and distinguishingly masculine:  glossy black caps; minimalistic black labels with gold lettering; detailed ingredients and nutritional listings. “The packaging nods at quintessentially male products such as distilled spirits, shaving creams, cigars, and condoms.  I want men to instinctively reach for the bottles, whether on a supermarket shelf or in a kitchen cabinet.  The packaging looks manly—as if to say, ‘I am more potent than other seasonings,’ ” James said.

But James’ line of seasonings is not off-limits to female customers.  “I definitely see women purchasing the seasonings for the men in their lives—as gifts or to encourage them to demonstrate their masculine prowess in the kitchen.  I also envision women purchasing the products for themselves, perhaps out of curiosity at first, then because of the seasonings’ distinctive flavor-profiles.

All five blends are based on recipes that have been in James’ family since the mid-1700s and feature 18 to 29 ingredients. And the designer, a gourmand in his own right, is no stranger to the food industry:  In 1993, rather than launching a fragrance like most other fashion designers, James introduced the Carnival Seasonings line which sold in outlets such as Fresh Fields (now Whole Foods), Dean and Deluca, and in military commissaries.

“Our business model has now shifted to online marketing to meet the demands of the modern customer,” James said. “Wayne James’ Seasonings for Men will be available in a few key stores around the world; but for the most part, customers will have to purchase the product online at http://www.WayneJamesLtd.com

WJS All Purpose.JPG

Garam Masala–One of the Culinary Luxuries of the World

Garam Masala

In Hindi, “garam” means “hot,” and “masala” means “spice” or a “blend of spices.” Used primarily in the cuisines of Northern India and Southern Asia, garam masala serves as the seasoning base for many of the regions’ dishes. It is also used as a quick-fix “flavor adjuster” for a dish that has not achieved the desired overall flavor, and is a “catch-all” seasoning used to imbue dishes with the characteristic flavor of the regions. Garam masalas are also used as a dry-rub to prepare meats for grilling or barbecuing.

There is no one blend of spices for garam masala:  Ingredients and proportions differ from region to region, family to family, cook to cook, and dish to dish. But a typical Indian garam masala is comprised of black peppercorns, cardamom, cloves, caraway, bay leaf, cinnamon, nutmeg, and mace.  The spices are toasted in a hot skillet to release their essential oils, then they are ground in a mortar with a pestle.  Some garam masala recipes are moistened with vinegar, water, or even coconut milk, thereby achieving a paste-like consistency, while other recipes are moistened when fresh herbs or ingredients such as mashed garlic and onion are included. But whatever the blend or however it is used, garam masala is a tantalizing, time-honored mélange of world-flavors, and to taste it is to immediately recognize it as one of the culinary luxuries of the world.