Leather Scarves, Seasonings for Men, and Belts with Buckles of 18K Gold and Sterling Silver: Wayne James is “Ba-aaack!”

A Leather Scarf, Seasonings for Men, and Belts with Solid 18K Gold Buckles: Unique Products Rolling Out at Wayne James Ltd.com

An exquisite, buttery-soft leather scarf that drapes like fabric; a line of seasonings formulated for men; and belts adorned with buckles made of solid 18K gold are just a few of the cutting-edge creations rolling out at  www.waynejamesltd.com , the online Concepts Store of fashion designer Wayne James. 

“The mission of the Wayne James Concepts Store is to offer innovative products directly to consumers:  No middlemen, no department stores, no brokers and distributors.  Just a free-flow of ideas between the designer and the ultimate arbiters of trends—the customers,” James said. 

Fashion Model Cameron Alexander in a Wayne James Leather Scarf. (Sold in exquisite, handcrafted pine box for safe storage.)

Leather has been used for practically every fashion accessory—from hats to shoes and everything in between—but never for scarves. Enter: Wayne James’ urban-chic, 18” X 72”, seamless muffler that is turning heads (and necks) even in the über-creative world of fashion.

And who had ever heard of a seasoning for men? No one—until James unveiled his Wayne James’ Seasonings for Men, a five-blend line of all-natural, kosher-certified dry-rubs created for the modern man.

“Of course, the seasonings aren’t off-limits to women; they’ll love them just as men will.  But men need a quick-fix seasoning that they can just sprinkle onto or into whatever they’re preparing and get instantaneous, chef-like results. Men’s cooking has evolved beyond the backyard barbecue. These blends are crafted to make a meal prepared by a novice taste gourmet,” James said. “Men aren’t getting married to pretty, petite home-ec majors right out of college anymore.  The modern man in the Western World is now getting married in his late 20s/early 30s, and he needs to feed himself until—and then during (and perhaps after)—marriage.”

Newly launched Wayne James’ Seasonings for Men. Available in five blends: All-Purpose, Salt-Free, Seafood, Vegetarian, and Holiday/Game.

Wayne James’ Seasonings for Men comes in five blends:  All-Purpose, Salt-Free, Seafood, Vegetarian, and Holiday/Game. The packaging is decidedly masculine:  black labels and caps, gold lettering—a subliminal nod at men’s products such as razors, liquor, and cigars. The seasonings are available as individual bottles, in exquisite natural pine giftboxes, and by the case of 12, exclusively at www.waynejamesltd.com .  

The belts with 18K gold buckles, made in Copenhagen of fine leather imported from Italy, will be unveiled in 2022.

Italian Leather, 18K Gold, Sterling Silver, and Danish Craftmanship. Sold in Mahogany boxes. Coming Soon!

Wayne James is no stranger to causing ripples in the fashion industry.  In 1987, while in his last semester of law school at Georgetown, his debut collection was reviewed in the Washington Post on March 1st; he showed the collection at the Anita Shapolsky Gallery in New York’s SoHo on March 31st; on April 6th Bergdorf Goodman, arguably America’s most discerning retailer of fashion, bought the New York exclusive to James’ collection; and he received his Juris Doctorate on May 28th.  Within three years of his emergence onto the fashion scene, he was being touted as one of the “rising stars” amongst young New York designers by Washington Post fashion editor Nina Hyde and Kathleen Silvassy of United Press International.

But James’ journey has not always been as smooth as silk. In June of 2016, while in Italy writing Manly Manners, his now-critically acclaimed treatise on modern men’s etiquette and lifestyle, he was arrested by Italian authorities at the request of the United States Government for alleged “fiscal inconsistencies” during his 2009-2011 term as Senator of the United States Virgin Islands. At the August 2018 trial, James’ Federal Public Defender offered no defense on James’ behalf, claiming to James in the courtroom at the conclusion of the prosecution’s case-in-chief that he did not believe that the prosecution had proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt, thereby necessitating no defense, no calling of witnesses, no presentation of evidence.

“I remain convinced that my Federal Public Defender, an employee of the Federal Government, was compromised.  And I intend to file a Rule 2255 (Ineffective Counsel) by the October 1, 2021 deadline,” James said.  “Even Derek Chauvin, George Floyd’s murderer, received a defense.  I, however, received none. Talk about injustice.”

James served 30 months in Federal prison and was released, ironically, on Juneteenth 2020. But he lost most of his eyesight while in Federal custody. He will request a new trial as part of the Rule 2255 filing and is filing a law suit against the Bureau of Prisons for neglect of his glaucoma condition, causing his loss of vision.  

In the meantime, Wayne James is doing what Wayne James does best:  creating beautiful things, inventing useful things, and re-inventing himself.  Besides launching his online Wayne James Concepts Store less than one year after his release from prison, James has agreed to lend his collect of over 400 historic photos (ca. 1890-1925) of Cuba for a projection-art exhibition that will open in Miami, Florida, in December to coincide with Art Basel Miami 2021. He is also frantically finishing volume three of Manly Manners. Plus, he is penning an academic paper entitled “Mathilda McBean:  The Last Queen,” which chronicles the life of the heroine known for her leading role in the 1878 “Fireburn” labor insurrection on St. Croix. And he is making plans to divide his time between Little Havana and Old San Juan in order to write Culo! Culo! Culo!, a fiction-based-on-fact, tell-all book about life in federal prison in Florida and Puerto Rico.

“The world is bountiful, and life is beautiful. When we surmount the obstacles along the road of life, we get a clearer view of our destination. There are silver linings everywhere,” James concluded.

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