A Leather Scarf: Fashion Designer Wayne James’ Newest Invention!

A Leather Scarf:  Fashion Designer Wayne James’ Newest Invention

Model Cameron Alexander in Wayne James’ Leather Scarf. Photo by Mark Jackson. Fall/Winter 2022 Collection.

Fashion designer Wayne James has launched his much-anticipated online Concepts Store, www.WayneJamesLtd.com. And the inaugural Concept is an extraordinary, exquisite, leather scarf made of an ultra-thin, über-supple, top-grain cowhide. Available in two earthy colors, cognac and natural, the “buttery-soft” scarf measures 18” wide and 72” long and is handmade in the USA of one, continuous, seamless cut of luxurious imported leather.  The Wayne James insignia—an interlocking WJ established in 1986—is discreetly debossed into one corner of the scarf, imparting the designer’s stamp of approval and mark of authenticity.

“A leather scarf is unique, even in the creative world of fashion,” James said. “There is nothing like it out there. And there has never been anything like it. It is truly a new concept, and I am happy to introduce it to the world. 

“The purpose of the Concepts Store is to debut cutting-edge products—things that even “fashionistas” and “style-influencers” have never heard of, seen, or dreamt of before,” James said.

The idea of a leather scarf was literally and figuratively on the company’s drawing board for 20 years—waiting patiently until James could source a super-soft cowhide that was wide enough and long enough to craft the scarf from a single cut of leather. Then, in 2021—just in the nick of time for the Fall/Winter 2022 Collection—James identified such a leather, a sanded, lightly buffed, top-grain hide cut to .78mm to 1.19mm (1/32” to 3/64”) thin. One of the cornerstones of the collection, the leather scarf is being unveiled as the online Concepts Store’s inaugural Concept.

“This leather scarf is the type of accessory that punctuates a wardrobe,” James said. “It is to a wardrobe what an exclamation mark is to a sentence, period. Whether paired with a wool crewneck sweater or Scottish tweed sport coat in the fall, or a suede or cashmere coat in the winter, the scarf makes a fashion statement:  that the wearer has a lot of confidence and personal style.

“And what’s great, too, is that the scarf mellows as it is worn and ages, draping around the neck like a second skin,” James said.  “This is an investment piece: It is classic and is therefore timeless. It’s the type of fashion accessory that becomes storied, that is passed from one generation to the next,” James concluded.

The leather scarf is available exclusively at www.waynejamesltd.com and is priced at $860 (less any applicable discounts).

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  1. Hortense Rowe says:


    Continue to be guided by God and the Holy Spirit as you present your God given gifts and talents to the world marketplace. Blessings.

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