“Guidance”–a poem about life


In all matters, be guided by love. Therefore, in your interactions with all things created, animate and inanimate, show kindness, patience, and respect. Always be trusting and forgiving  and filled with hope. And know that jealousy and envy are cancerous  to the mind, the body, the spirit, and the soul. They are not manifestations of love.

Many negative thoughts are unfounded; there is much more good in the world than bad.  Think only good thoughts, for they will give birth to good feelings, which will, in turn, inspire good deeds.   In all of life’s experiences, extract the good, hold it close to your heart,  and leave behind that which is bad. And in the end of Earthly existence, know that you take with you only the things that you have given away.

Everyone is a genius. Each person, because of his uniqueness, is the best in the world at something, no matter how small or peculiar that thing may be. Your genius is your ancestors’ and the Universe’s special gift to you:  Your genius is your particular reason for your particular Earthly existence. Listen to your nature, for through your likes and dislikes, your propensities and your penchants, your genius will reveal itself unto you. And live your life boldly and fearlessly, guided by love, in order to uncover that genius, for it is when you find and develop your genius, then use it to make the world a better place, that you honor your ancestors and the Universe for having created you. Therefore, be great in your own, unique way. And share your unique greatness with the world.

Squander not your youth; it is a very special—but very brief—time in your life. Have diverse interests, and cultivate different talents; be able to adapt to changes in life.  Use youth’s strength and resilience, its fearlessness and creativity, its aspirations, to build a strong foundation for the rest of your life. Develop self-discipline. Take wise risks. Be brave. And let your love-filled heart lead the way. While young and strong, see the world, for there are wisdoms and understandings derived from travel that cannot be revealed in books or learned in the most hallowed halls of academia. And forge friendships and embrace lovers wherever you go in the world, for the future of world peace depends upon the realization  that humanity’s similarities far exceed its differences.

Pursue a salubrious lifestyle; good health is one of life’s greatest gifts and should not be wantonly compromised. Therefore, avoid practices and substances that harm the body, and know that a healthy body is inextricably linked to a mind that is at peace, and a peaceful mind derives from a peaceful soul. So, live an honest life, which allows for restful sleep, for sleep renews the body, the mind, and the soul.  Avoid things that anger your spirit.

Enjoy the physical pleasures of life, and refine your intellect with education, for the body and the mind are conduits for the evolution of the spirit.  Eat well; drink well; and surround yourself with great art and music. Enjoy nature. Claim and celebrate your sexuality, even if unconventional; and have beautiful, loving sex, for it inspires and informs much of life. Through reading, exposure, and stimulating conversation, digest the greatest thoughts of the greatest thinkers. By any means possible, uplift your spirit.

But beware that, though rare, there is evil in this world. Therefore, exercise reasonable caution in your encounters and in your dealings. And listen to your soul. It will guide you to safety, for it detects what the ears hear not,  discerns what the eyes see not, comprehends what the mind fathoms not. The soul, in all its goodness, naturally repels evil…. Tolerate abuse from no man; happiness is your birthright. Be wary of persons who, in words or actions, are selfish, denigrate love, and discredit happiness;
oftentimes, their mission is to cause you emotional harm. And be cautious of those who are always quick to report bad news and vicious rumors, but slow to congratulate or celebrate in your successes. To the extent possible, without forfeiting your physical safety, respond to aggression and violence with peace and kindness. It is amazing how weak and cowardly hatred is when confronted with love.

In life, as you pursue your dreams, you will stumble and fall, fail and face seemingly insurmountable challenges. But do not dismay, for such transgressions and setbacks, if goodness is in your mission, are to strengthen your resolve for enduring life’s greater challenges and graciously receiving life’s even greater rewards. Always remember that hurdles along the road to success, when surmounted,  provide you with a clearer, elevated view of your destination.  So take delight in hard work and personal crucibles, for few good things come easily. Always embrace an opportunity to reinvent yourself; it is the healthy way to adjust to the vicissitudes of life.  And always know that when life closes one door, it opens another.

When wronged, do not embrace animus; it is not of nature and, therefore, is not of God. Holding onto animosity erodes your spirit and diminishes the light that emanates from your soul.  Take delight in no man’s demise. And wish ill for no man—not even your enemies, for such thoughts pollute the world. Besides utilizing what avenues are legally available to you, let God, Life, the Universe, and Karma exact justice upon those who wrong you, while you strive for happiness.

Likewise, do not judge others, for only God fully comprehends their circumstances.  Know when a relationship has run its course; all relationships are not meant to endure forever. And do no devote your life to changing any man. Instead, give guidance and encouragement, lead by example,  and pray for his enlightenment. Many people are as they are for reasons unbeknownst to you. And in this beautiful, interrelated world, things reveal themselves as they should, when they should.

Honor your family, especially your ancestors; they, with all their brilliance and all their flaws, are a major reason for your physical existence. And honor your friends,  for it is they who are at your side when family cannot or will not. They are a part of your life by choice. Be sure to take neither friends nor family for granted;  they, too, need to be nurtured and lovingly affirmed and reaffirmed. Forgive them when they wrong you, for like you, they make mistakes. Tell them and show them that you love them. And each day, pray for life’s blessings to fall upon them.

Realize that life can change drastically or be extinguished in an instant; the difference between total bliss and total tragedy is oftentimes a split second or a fraction of an inch. So, each day, live life not as if it is your last day, but as if it could be your last day. Try to be on good terms with all people; it is fascinating how often our paths re-cross. And try to atone your wrongs, for they weigh upon the soul. Keep your personal, private, and financial affairs in order. And save, not just for your times of unexpected need, but also for the needs of others, for you are your brothers’ keeper…. Regardless of positions achieved or talents demonstrated, regard no man as more important or less valuable than another. And before departing this world, share your knowledge so that the generation that follows can surpass the one that preceded it.

Take time to understand what true love is so as to recognize what true love is not,  for many things masquerade as love.  And seek answers to life’s great mysteries:  No question occurs to a mind that cannot fathom the answer.   Understanding the existence of Nothingness and the Eternity of Infinity are all within human grasp.  The Universe made us, therefore we must understand the Universe. It is our obligation.

Claim your oneness with all creation, even things inanimate. We are all brothers and sisters. Who can refute that it was the rhythms of the seas and of the winds that first inspired music? And while in cosmic reality everything that appears is, in actuality, not—for there is no beginning and no end, no life and no death, no time, no space, no here or there, only Nothingness, Eternity, Infinity, and the Spontaneous Manifestations of Things Opposite—in this perceived reality, which we call Existence, we must love and take care of each other, for we are one.

Wayne A.G. James                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       July 19 – 20, 2011

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