Tuxedo Pumps (a.k.a “Court Shoes”)–the Ultimate Formal Men’s Shoes

Tuxedo Pumps (a.k.a. “Court Shoes”)

Patent leather pumps, each  with a bow of silk (or calfskin pumps, each with a bow of silk), also called “court shoes” in Great Britain  because their progenitor is the flat shoes worn in the royal courts of Europe during the 16th century, are the most  formal of all men’s shoes.  Bullfighters’ shoes, men’s ballet shoes, or traditional men’s velvet slippers are the closest modern-day counterparts of court shoes. While men have been known to wear everything from loafers to Oxfords—patent leather or otherwise—with black tie and white tie dress, the pump remains the most correct.  After all, it only stands to reason that the most formal men’s garments should be paired with the most formal men’s shoes.

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