10 More Wayne James Quotations

10 More Wayne James Quotations

  1. God said, “Adam and Eve.” The U.S. Supreme Court said, “Adam and Yves.”
  2. “Hip, hip, hurrah!” when you’re seventeen; “Hip, hip replacement!” when you’re seventy.
  3. “They took to each other like wet to water.”
  4. True wealth is health, free time, and enough money to enjoy them both.
  5. As you surmount the many obstacles on the road of life, you are afforded an unobstructed view of your destination.
  6. You know you are going through “frenopause” when you start dropping deadbeat friends in a hot flash.
  7. While you are succeeding, your enemies are seething….
  8. If you are going to quit, quit sooner rather than later. Then get on with your life…..
  9. Be like God; be creative!
  10. The Fountain of Youth flows from having a good reason for living.

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