Everyone is a Genius–at Something. And Everyone is Born to be Great!

Everyone Is A Genius—at something

Everyone is a genius at something, whatever that something may be—whether it be “big” or “small,” “important” or “unimportant.” And everyone is born to be great.  The genetic and Universal elements that converge to create an individual and make him unique and distinguishable from every other human being are the same components that converge to make each person singularly equipped to do at least one thing, in his unique way, better than any other person on the face of the Earth. That thing—and the way the person does it—is his genius. A person’s genius is his true life’s mission as ordained by God, the Universe, nature, and genetics; and if a person acknowledges that gift—through fearless career exploration, trial and error, successes and failures, and honest self-analysis—then uses that gift for the betterment of humanity, his success will be guaranteed since it will be in compliance with the will of God, the Universe, nature, and genetics. In other words, if a gentleman does what he manifested in human form to do, and then does it for the betterment of the world, he cannot fail. As evidenced by the displays of talent on reality television shows, for example—just in the areas of the performing arts alone, let alone in all the other areas where genius manifests—there are geniuses in all walks of life, oftentimes in environments and occupations totally incompatible with their particular gifts, just waiting for opportunities to shine. Just as there is enough space in the night’s sky for each star to shine bright, there is enough space on Earth for each person to achieve greatness. Everyone is born to be great. Greatness is not the birthright of the few and the “chosen”; it is the birthright of all human beings. And when genius goes unacknowledged, unrecognized, under-utilized, or unappreciated, human progress suffers.

But for various reasons, many a man never uncovers or acknowledges his genius—usually because of fear of failure, lack of opportunity, lack of faith, or preoccupation with what others will say or think. The child created by God, the Universe, nature, and genetics to cure cancer may be living in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, unable to get a proper education, thereby not realizing his genius—as a result of society, politics, poverty, and opportunity, all the creations of mankind.

Oftentimes people, instead of striving to unveil their unique purpose in life, try to imitate and conform to standards and examples set by others. But imitations are just that—imitations. And impersonators and copycats are, at best, second-best to the original.

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