How Often Should Hair Be Shampooed? (Certainly more often than once per month!)

Shampooing the Hair

Depending on hair-type, hair should be shampooed and conditioned at least twice per week and as often as once per day. No other body part can remain unwashed for days, weeks, let alone months, and be regarded as “properly maintained.” So why the head—of all places? Any hairstyle—be it braids, dreadlocks, chemical permanents, extensions, weaves, or whatever else—that impedes a thorough cleansing of both scalp and hair at least twice per week should be reconsidered and perhaps even avoided. No amount of scented oils, head wraps, Jheri curl plastic bags, do-rags, stocking-caps, or hats can mask unclean hair. And a clean head of hair is conducive to a clean bill of health. [For some hair-types, everyday washing is required; for others, it would be ruinous to the hair. As such, a gentleman’s hair-care regimen should be determined and implemented on a case-by-case basis.]

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