The World’s Most Luxurious Men’s Silk Pajamas and Dressing Robes–Zimmerli of Switzerland

Silk Pajamas and Dressing Robes by Zimmerli of Switzerland

Few men sleep in pajamas these days; typically, they crawl into bed wearing only a T-shirt and underpants—if that much. But every gentleman should own a set of pajamas, along with a dressing robe, for use especially when entertaining sleepover guests, or for when invited as a sleepover guest at someone else’s home. (No one needs to bump into an under-dressed host or guest in a narrow, dim-lit hallway en route to the bathroom for a “wee-wee” in the wee hours of the morning!)

Men who routinely sleep in pajamas should have a fresh pair for each night—after all, an average eight hours of wear per night is a lot of wear. And even for men who shower or bathe before going to bed, sleepwear, like bedsheets, gets soiled. While pajamas of cotton or linen are excellent for the spring and summer months, and flannel—wool or cotton—is prefect for the fall and winter seasons, a gentleman who wears pajamas only on special occasions, or only when obliged to, should invest in one luxurious set that can serve him year-round, from palace to penthouse to pop tent. And when it comes to luxurious pajamas, silk pajamas by Zimmerli of Switzerland ( ) are the absolute finest.

Wearing silk can perhaps be best likened to wearing garments made of the wind…. But rarely do men fully experience the sensuousness of silk. Yes, silk underwear seduces the skin. And a shirt of crêpe de Chine silk caresses a torso like very few things can. But it is when a man sleeps in pajamas of silk—especially when those pajamas are worn over silk underwear—that he truly experiences the full-blown luxuriousness of silk. Simply put, sleeping in silk is sexy. (And when a man in silk sleeps on silk, the sensation transcends the physical, verging, instead, upon the spiritual. Silk is a mystical fabric; its beauty and luxuriousness have fascinated mankind for millennia.

Pajamas have evolved over the years.  But at the end of the day, the one-pajama-set gentleman should own the classic: the loose-fitting, buttoned-up, jacket-inspired top, traced with contrasting piping, and paired with full-length pants. At Zimmerli, that iconic style in 100% silk charmeuse is hand-crafted to sartorial perfection: buttons are of mother-of-pearl; piping is impeccable; pants, with concealed button-fly, are sufficiently tapered at the hems so as to minimize “riding up” during an otherwise-restful sleep. The silhouette is generous, but tailored, so as to effortlessly conceal, yet reveal, the masculine physique. Unlike classic-style pajamas by so many other manufacturers, Zimmerli pajamas are cut long enough to effortlessly fit tall men—men between 6′ and 6’4” in height (1.83 to 1.93 meters). And with a size-spread ranging from S – XXL (S – 3XL for other fabrics), practically any man can find his fit at Zimmerli.

Just as every man has a God-given right to know what an orgasm feels like, every gentleman should experience the feeling of sleeping in nothing but pure silk. On the night of his wedding, he should wear silk pajamas (even if only for a short while!); to celebrate the birth of a child, he should wear silk pajamas; to mark life’s milestones and great accomplishments such as graduations, promotions, anniversaries, and birthdays, he should wear silk pajamas; and holiday celebrations should begin and end in silk pajamas. But classic, tailored pajamas without a dressing gown (also called a “robe” or a “nightwear gown”) when going about the home is like traversing Wall Street in the dead of winter in a business suit, but without a topcoat. Zimmerli makes a superb, kimono-inspired, silk dressing gown: the shoulders are slightly padded to accentuate the male form; the shawl collar is the definition of relaxed elegance; the sleeves are long and ample so as to effortlessly embrace those of the complementary pajama top; two hip pockets and a chest pocket provide form and function; and the just-below-the-knee length allows unimpeded movement about the house.

Silk nightwear is best cared for by hand-washing in cold water with a mild detergent. (Dish-washing liquids that are formulated for hand-washing dishes are usually excellent for hand-washing clothing: they generally leave no residue; they cut grease; and because they are gentle on hands, they are also gentle on clothing. Zimmerli recommends hand-washing their silk garments with a mild hand-washing detergent, then adding a small amount of transparent cider vinegar in the final rinse). The garments should be allowed to soak in a soap-and-water solution for at least one hour before they are gently hand-washed, special attention being paid to areas such as collars, armpits, and cuffs, that are prone to soilure. After washing, the garments should be thoroughly rinsed in cold water, then allowed to drip-dry. (Wringing in not advised as it is hard on garments and frustrates the ironing process). After the garments have drip-dried, they should be ironed on the reverse side with an iron set at the setting recommended by the garment manufacturer and/or the manufacturer of the iron. Once ironed, the garments should be loosely folded and placed onto a flat shelf in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, until time to be worn again.

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