Good Men With Bad Feet: How to treat dry, neglected feet.

Feet—The Achilles’ Heel of Many a Man

Many humans—especially men—neglect their feet. Fungus-infected and calcified toe nails, and thick, cracked heels are common amongst men. And none of it is becoming of a gentleman. Neglected feet suggest a personality that is concerned only with what is seen, visible, salient.  They indicate an “out of sight, out of mind” mindset. There are men, for example, who have so neglected their feet that they simply cannot wear sandals—even in the heat of summer—because their feet are too embarrassingly ill-kept.

If the feet have been neglected for too long, a visit to a pedicurist is perhaps wise. There, the problems will be professionally diagnosed, and some rapid remedies will be applied. But many men see a visit to the pedicurist as something to be done once, perhaps, in a lifetime—just before the wedding night. After all, feet have a strong foothold in matters of romance. But when men have bad feet, perhaps they should begin with romancing the stone—the pumice stone, that is. A simple, inexpensive regimen should be implemented:  During each shower, a pumice stone, generally available in any drugstore, should be used to scrub away dead skin from the soles of the feet. Thereafter, the feet should be thoroughly dried, and petroleum jelly should be generously applied. Visible improvements should appear in less than two weeks.


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