Washcloths Were Invented For A Reason! (The Proper Way to Take a Shower or Bath)

The Shower

 Simply put, a gentleman should bathe or shower at least once per day.

 Washcloths were invented for a reason. The present-day notion that a man—or anyone for that matter—can properly cleanse himself by simply rubbing a bar of soap over his body while in the shower is the result of three generations of soap commercials on television.  But it must be remembered that those advertisements are selling soap, not teaching proper hygiene, so it would be impractical to obstruct the product—the soap—with washcloths.  But in real life, in order to clean nostrils, inner ears and behind ears, between toes, armpits, and even more private and remote areas, a washcloth, or some comparable implement—not a bar of soap—is required. Showering with a bar of soap but with no washcloth would be the equivalent of cleaning silver with silver polish but no polishing-cloth!

And like toothbrushes, washcloths must be kept clean.  There is little point in cleaning with an unclean implement.  So after showering, washcloths should be rinsed clean of soap residue and placed such that they can air-dry between uses.  Soapy washcloths left in some corner of the tub or on the floor of the shower are a breeding ground for germs.

Especially during the warmer months of the year (but, really, all year), a gentleman must pay special attention to underarm and genital odor.  After showering, ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol (both of which are generally referred to as “rubbing alcohol”) should be applied to a damp washcloth and used to give a special cleaning to genital and anal areas.  A similar application should be used to remove deodorant residue from armpits, thereafter applying fresh deodorant. (For a gentleman whose skin tends to become irritated by rubbing alcohol, cider vinegar is a good substitute). The result is a sustained, odorless freshness throughout the day. The wash cloth should be washed with soap and water then thoroughly rinsed after the special cleansing:  An air-dried washcloth with lingering traces of alcohol or vinegar and body odor is not a nice-smelling washcloth.

At the end of his bath or shower, a gentleman should ensure that the bathtub/shower stall is free of his hair, for there are few sights more disgusting than that of hair that has become separated from the body upon which it once grew. Shower curtains should be fully extended so that they may air-dry between showers, and shower doors should be left partially open so as to promote the free-flow of air throughout the shower stall, thereby reducing the incidence of mold and moldy odors.


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