Who Enters a Revolving Door First–the Man or the Woman?


The Etiquette of Revolving Doors

If escorting a lady into a building equipped with a revolving door, a gentleman should see her safely into her individual stall before entering the stall that immediately follows hers. However, when accompanied by a lady and exiting such a building onto a public walkway, a gentleman should occupy the stall that immediately precedes the stall that she will occupy so that he will exit the building first and be situated on the public walkway, waiting to receive her as she exits the building. Strict observance of this courtesy is especially critical at night or in inclement weather, thereby ensuring that a lady in his care is never left unattended—not even for a split second—on a public street at the mercy of the elements or unseemly characters. In airports, for example, where the revolving doors are usually very large and designed to accommodate several people along with their luggage carts and baggage in each stall, a gentleman and his female companion should occupy the same stall to enter and exit such buildings.

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