A Smile Is Worth A Thousand KIND Words

The Power of a Smile

If there is one expression that opens hearts, souls, and the doors of opportunity, it is the smile. Without saying a word, a smile communicates volumes; it is worth not just a thousand words, but a thousand kind words. In times of despair, it can bring joy and uplift the spirit; it can inspire courage in moments of fear; and it can warm the soul—especially when it emerges unexpectedly from the face of a total stranger. Some young men, however, usually because of cultural misinterpretations of the definitions of masculinity, rarely smile, believing that smiling is a sign of weakness. So rather than smiling, thereby inviting people into their world, they put on stoical faces or, worse yet, frowns, which repel people. But anyone who understands the nuances and subtleties of human behavior understands that smiling is arguably mankind’s most powerful unspoken expression. And it is internationally recognized and accepted as such. A genuine smile is well received anywhere in the world (even in the places where it is supposedly a sign of weakness). So as a young man traverses life, he should cultivate a happy disposition such that smiles emerge naturally and genuinely from his countenance, for a winning smile will oftentimes attach a face to a resume, make a conversation indelible, or “break the ice” that sometimes impedes human connectivity.

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