Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Public Places

Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Public Places

In jurisdictions where marijuana may legally be used for medicinal and/or recreational purposes, the substance is available as consumables (pills, capsules, drinks, and food, for example) and for smoking. According to some experts, the form in which the substance is taken affects the timing and longevity of its efficacy. People using marijuana, as is the case with any other drug, must be aware of its properties under various circumstances.

Because of the nature of consumable marijuana, the actual ingestion of it in public places is generally less intrusive than its smoke counterpart. But rules as to when and where to consume marijuana still apply. One should not eat or drink medicinal or recreational marijuana in places where food or drink should not be consumed. A gentleman would not, for example, eat a chocolate chip cookie in a church, so he likewise would not eat a marijuana cookie in a place of worship. Nor would he pop open a Red Bull at a grave site. So why would he gulp down a marijuana drink as the deceased is being laid six feet under? Discretion, common decency, and common sense should be exercised.

Because of the effusive nature of smoke and the fact that it is generally not confined to the personal, private space of the smoker, both medical and recreational marijuana should be smoked freely only in open-air areas or sites designated as “smoking areas.” The fact that marijuana is being smoked for medicinal purposes does not give its user carte blanche prerogative to self-medicate anywhere, anyplace, anytime. “No-Smoking” designations should be observed and respected; and whenever discretionary smoking is permissible, the smoker should request the indulgence of anyone in his immediate vicinity. “Excuse me, sir, but would you mind if I smoke?” [There is no obligation to explain or divulge what is being or will be smoked. In jurisdictions where the substance may be legally smoked for recreational and/or medicinal purposes, tobacco cigarettes and marijuana cigarettes/joints are treated equally.]

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