About Wayne James

St. Croix-born Wayne James is no stranger to the worlds of style, diplomacy, and courtesy. In March of 1987, while in his last semester at Georgetown University’s school of law, James presented his first collection of fashion at the Anita Shapolsky Gallery in New York’s SoHo. One week later, Bergdorf Goodman, arguably the world’s most discerning retailer of fashion, bought exclusive rights to the collection; James went on to earn his law degree in May; and his garments were being sold on New York’s famed Fifth Avenue by July of that year. And one year later, in 1988, James was touted by Washington Post fashion editor Nina Hyde as “one of the rising stars among young New York designers.” In 1999, James established the Homeward Bound Foundation, the organization that lowered the Middle Passage Monument onto the floor the Atlantic Ocean to serve as a gravestone for the estimated millions of African people who perished en route to the New World on board slaving vessels between the 15th and 19th centuries. He would go on to be awarded the International Humanitarian Medal in Paris that year for his efforts with the foundation. In 2008, James was elected senator of the United States Virgin Islands and served as Senate Liaison to the White House. Since January of 2011, Wayne James has lived on three continents, devoting his full time to the writing of Manly Manners: Lifestyle & Modern Etiquette for the Young Man of the 21st Century.

4 thoughts on “About Wayne James

    • Dear Dee,

      Thank you for your support. The book is progressing beautifully. I just did an interview regarding the etiquette of police-detention. So many innocent young men get killed while in police custody. The book outlines how to conduct oneself while detained by the police. But I decided to release that section earlier in the hopes that it might save some lives.

      Keep in touch. And thanks again for the support.

      Wayne James

      • masterofall says:

        Hello, wayne james. Would like to contact u about other spiritual thnigs u have done. What is the best way to contact u ?

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